Copier, scanner and printer for hire

fnl_printerQrent will assist you with your copier, scanner and printer needs with their multi-functional device hire. We offer a wide selection of multifunctional devices for hire, for use in any environment.

Technology changes quickly, and when you choose to hire a multifunctional device at Qrent, you can choose to upgrade to a newer model at regular intervals, letting you get the best of current technology to enhance your business.

With us you will find the perfect copier, scanner and printer specifications for your business to hire on a short or long term basis. We offer you a number of devices complete with cartridges and an option for on-site technical support. We provide full component swap out warranty and technical support, so you don’t need to worry about any technical glitches getting in the way of your day to day work. For ultimate peace of mind, take our optional insurance, which will cover you in case of damage or theft. Rest assured that you will be guided through the process of hiring and maintaining your copier with our team of technical experts.

Call Qrent today for affordable copier, scanner and printer machines.