Event Rentals

We are equipped to handle your short term rental requirements of any size and time period. Whether it be for a conference, training, learnerships, short projects, vacation students etc. Qrent has a solution for all your equipment needs!

Qrent offers rental equipment for short term periods of between one day and 12 months. Short term rentals are ideal for:



Qrent will supply, deliver, support and decommission all the ICT hardware you need to ensure your conference is a success. Our turnaround times are guaranteed to match the fast pace of conferencing requirements. In the event that you suddenly find yourself with more delegates than you were expecting, we can supply you with additional equipment.



Trainers don’t want to be hassled with the sourcing of IT equipment for their delegates. Let Qrent take care of these equipment requirements and allow your trainers to focus on delivering the highest level of training.

When it comes to in-house training, you wont need to borrow computers or laptops from your employees’ desks for the duration of the training program or incur unnecessary expenses by purchasing dedicated training hardware. We will supply the specified equipment directly to the training venue, releasing the IT department from this responsibility.


Short Term Projects

Why commit cash outlay for ICT hardware on a project that has a short or indefinite life span? With the Qrent equipment solution, you’ll  have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your’re paying for equipment only for as long as its need by the project team.


Peak Seasons

Do you need to bring in temporary relief staff to cope with seasonal peaks? Qrent will supply your temporary staff with appropriate equipment for the duration of their assignment. This lowers your operational costs and eliminates stockpiling of costly and superfluous equipment.


Stop Gap Equipment

Are you waiting for the new equipment you’ve  ordered to be delivered? Or are you holding back on buying new equipment until the next generation technology is released? Allow Qrent to step into this gap and relieve the pressure for you. We will provide a solution that will give you all the time you need to source the most appropriate new equipment. As soon as your equipment is delivered, we will come and collect the hardware, allowing your business activities to continue seamlessly.


Why choose Qrent for your short term rental needs?

  • Superb quality rental equipment
  • Flexible time-frames
  • Unmatched client services
  • Unmatched delivery services
  • All our equipment goes through an extensive quality control process
  • You only pay for the equipment you need and only for the time you need it
  • We service South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe


For a tailored rental solution, call us today to speak to a consultant .