Overhead projector for hire

projectorQrent offers affordable overhead projector hire for clients that do not need it for regular use. Whether you require a single small projector for a private meeting, or a larger model for conferences or major presentations, Qrent has an overhead projector that will suit your needs.

At Qrent you get reliability, consistently high service levels and a host of value added services that will take all the stress out of affordable overhead projector hire. All our projectors come with a full component swap out warranty and technical support, so you don’t need to worry about any technical glitches getting in the way of your presentation. For ultimate peace of mind, take our optional insurance, which will cover you in case of damage or theft.

We offer an extensive range of overhead projectors for hire and we make sure that you get the model that is perfect for your needs. The process is extremely simple, just complete our paperwork, let us know how long you require the overhead projector for and we will deliver to you.

Our affordable overhead projectors and technical overhead projector hire support means you’ll have access to an overhead projector that works well, saving you time and money.

Contact Qrent today to hire a projector.