Printers for hire

hp-officejet-prox-printers-bannerQrent provides high quality printers for hire without breaking the bank or binding yourself to unending payment obligations. With Qrent’s exceptional service levels and extensive range of printers you will be making the best choice for your business.

Printer for hire options from Qrent

With us you will find the perfect printer specifications for your business to hire on a short or long term basis. We have options available from 1 day to up to 3 years. Qrent’s printer range includes multifunction devices that are able to scan, fax, copy and print – a perfect option for companies with limited office space.

Maintenance and Repairing of Hired Printers

Printers are generally high maintenance equipment. You can avoid this expense by renting a printer from Qrent for your business as our technical team ensures that before it is hired out, the printing equipment is frequently serviced, reducing downtime and maintaining ongoing performance. For added peace of mind, Qrent offers you a full component swap out warranty and insurance for the duration of the rental term. This ensures that your downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

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