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Review build log

We review the entire build log for your machine.

Verify condition of chassis

We give the system a physical inspection to ensure there are no scratches / blemishes.

Verify the Serial Number is correct.

We make sure that the serial number label on your system is correct.

Check BIOS settings profile

We double-check all Bios settings to ensure build performance.

Verify all parts are present and installed correctly

We re-check the computer to make sure everything is present and installed.

Verify documented license keys match physical copies (if applicable)

We re-check that documented and installed software license keys match with the physical copies packaged with your system.

Ensure rear IO shield is properly mounted (if applicable)

When installing a motherboard, the rear IO shield can sometimes sit improperly. We check to make sure it is correct.

Verify fan orientations

We review your system fan orientation and make any corrections that might be necessary to implement an optimal cooling strategy.

Check for loose or missing screws

We give another check to your screws, to make sure they’re all secure. Looks can be deceiving, so we check manually.

Ensure all items are secure (esp. heavy components)

To make sure the computer is prepared for shipping, we double-check the solidity of the items inside, especially the heaver ones like video cards or CPU heat sinks.

Check any high risk heat sink mountings (if applicable)

We check any heat sinks that are large enough to risk being seated improperly, to make sure they are both secure and make good contact with the chip they are cooling.

Verify all PCI cards are seated in their slots evenly (if applicable)

We make sure your PCI cards are square in their slots. Uneven seating could be due to a partially unseated card, or even an out-of-square chassis.

Ensure machine is built to customer expectations

We look at all notes put on the order by your sales rep, and make sure the machine is built with your requirements in mind.

Check certification and case modifications

We double check to make sure your certified system has all the mods that apply to your certification, and verify all branding has been applied.

Make sure all accessories are present

Many of your components come with accessories; we make sure they are included.

Double check partitioning and/or multiple OS instructions.

We review any provided instructions regarding partitioning and multiple OS installs, to make sure the machine is set up per your instructions.

Check user / computer names

We will make sure the username and computer name are both correct. By default, the username and the computer name will be “User”.

Test any ports not tested during production

Any ports that are not already tested in the course of the build or installation of your machine are tested at this step.

Test as thoroughly as possible any special cards (if applicable)

Some non-standard or special order cards do not have standard tests during our install process. Those cards are manually tested.

Test secondary video outputs

We verify that all video outputs are functioning correctly. If your machine has SLI, we specifically have to take it out of SLI to test the output ports on the secondary video card.

Verify high quality sound output

We double-check your audio output for clarity, stereo panning, 5.1 surrounds sound panning, and volume. We test both analog and digital output.

Verify functionality of alternate networking adapters (if applicable)

Since our install process only uses one network adapter, we now test all other adapters (some computers have two LAN ports), including KillerNIC cards and wireless.

Check for any recent known issues

We keep detailed logs of the failure rates of all our components. Anything with recent known issues is carefully checked to make sure the issue is not present.

Verify standby functionality

We check for standby functionality one more time — as we have found it to be quite problematic with certain configurations.

Verify proper post and boot-up with USB device attached

Some computers do not boot up properly when there is a USB device (IE, a USB thumb drive) attached. We make sure this is not an issue.

Compare benchmarks to expected results

To make sure your computer performs as expected, we check your benchmarks against those of similar machines.

Review the Windows Event Log

We review the Windows Event Log for any errors we do not expect (some errors are normal, specifically before all drivers are installed).

Verify all updates are applied

We make sure OS updates and anti-virus show all current updates installed.

Verify proper responsiveness from the OS

We verify proper responsiveness from the OS (start menu, control panel, application loading).

Verify proper laptop battery drain rate (if applicable)

We make sure your laptop battery is performing as expected.

Verify proper out of box experience

We reboot your computer one last time and make sure your first experience is as we would like it.

Record approximate boot up time

As the machine reboots, we record the boot time, so we have a number to compare to later if you have any problems.

Record any additional testing performed (if applicable)

If we performed any other tests, we record them for our benefit and yours.

Defragment all platter drives

We defragment all traditional/platter hard drives. Defragmentation is not run on solid-state disks.

Clean up installation

We perform one final clean-up of your installation, so Windows is clean and ready to use!

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