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Review build notes / Check certification

Build notes are reviewed to ensure that any special build requests are performed. Components are also checked for compatibility for any certification applied to your computer.

Verify latest approved BIOS is installed

Your BIOS is updated to the most recent stable release provided by the manufacturer.

Check for post of fully completed system

The completed system is turned on for the first time!

Verify correct memory speed, timings and voltage

We verify that your memory is running at the correct settings for best stability and performance (sometimes the motherboard does not automatically select the right speed).

Set QFan and fan monitor settings (if applicable

Special features are turned on to keep your system running quieter.

Set SATA controller mode

We set the SATA controller to either RAID or AHCI mode according to the drive configuration.

Set boot order

Your boot order is set to CDROM (top drive) -> Hard Drive

Disable any unnecessary onboard devices

All onboard items that are not used by your configuration are disabled (depending on your hardware configuration this may include RAID).

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